Monday, November 21, 2011

Harehatted Girl

One morning, as I came tripping down the stairs
my father noticed my hair was like a hare's.
"Take of that silly hat" he spat "this minute, miss!"
I stood still, made quite uncomfortable by this.

"Dad..." I began, dragging my eyes from his irrate stare,
this is my normal hair... it just looks like a hare's."

"I dreamed them up one day, I'm unsure how,
and these ears just sprouted out my brow!
I can comb them and they do this bounce that I love
and they stop my earphones from slipping off."

This I explained as I inched 'round to make good my escape.
"Anyway, I've got to run, I'm late, I'm terribly, terribly late!"


Pepijn said...

Excellent, reminds me of 'Where the sidwalk ends' by Shel Silverstein.

Keep up the good work:-)

Meidi Goh said...

Thanks Pepijn!